Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moving On

I'll admit it: after unloading like that yesterday, I feel even worse.
So, let's forget we ever had this little chat, shall we?

I was recently in the "odds and ends" sale room at Gabberts, a local furniture store with lots of great designer brands.  Like the name says, the room is a sort of grab bag of final sale items, and pretty hit or miss.  On this last visit, I was struck by the great assortment of art and objects at reasonable prices.

I was shopping for a male client, and found myself drawn to these photographs of colorful armour that felt both modern and ancient at the same time.

I also found myself drawn to these wooden figures.  I love the sort of primitive form and the contrast of the bulky shapes on spindly legs/stands.

I would love to see these grouped with other figures on a mantel or console table.

What about you: any unusual art catch your eye lately?

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