Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On My Bookshelf

We went apple picking this weekend, south of the Cities, and on the way home we stopped in at Half Price Books.  I mine the shelves of our local branch constantly, but hitting a different location turned up a wealth of design book, cheaps.  Here's what I'll be reading:

I'm interested in the notion of "layering" right now.  Soto approaches this book with one "layer" per chapter.

In this age of pinterest and blogs, it's always fun to see interiors that are actually new-to-you.  This book looks to be full of them.

For all your over-the-top needs: Diamond Baratta.  While not exactly my cup of tea, there is MUCH to be learned here about color, pattern, mixing them up, and, yes, layering.

Laurie Smith was my all-time favorite on Trading Spaces.  I loved the way she approached her transformations through fabric, not just paint or crazy, couldn't-actually-live-with-it DIY.  In this book, she walks us through the approach to home renovation using her own home as the example.

As a self-taught designer, I'm always looking for great design books that will teach me something new.  This mix will keep my busy for a while!

Found any great design books lately?  I'd love your recommendations!


  1. I am so slack in this department. I really should read more design books but I buy them more for decoration!

  2. I have had Discovering Home by Lauri Smith for ten years and it is great - actually step by step of the reno of her own home in Mississippi. It still looks fresh and amazing today - especially her son's room and the playroom.
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)


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