Thursday, September 27, 2012

Look what's coming to my house

Oh no!  the photo didn't upload properly the first time.  Here it is:

An old friend (and 2-day makeover guinea pig) has a sister-in-law who literally crated in palettes of home goods from India--and then downsized her home.  I am already the happy recipient of a pair of leather poufs from this stash, then at book club the other day, my friend asked if I knew anyone who might want the carved and inlaid coffee table.

Um, yes.  ME!

I love this quote I just saw at Pink Wallpaper yesterday:

I look around my home and I am so thrilled by all the stories the many pieces tell.  Pieces that have been gifted, handed down, loaned (and stayed), made for us, made by us, and even just found.  I was about to say it took 20 years of collecting to amass this treasure trove, but this is not exactly true.  I had a house full of unique things when I was 21 (and even in college)--some of them just cost less and there were fewer all around.  What maybe took 20 years was refining my taste and ability to mix and layer.

Can't wait to try this coffee table in my living room.  Here's hoping it won't be too much black!

What about you: any good hand me downs, gifts, or loaners lately?


Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you!


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