Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspiration: desk between beds

Yesterday I mentioned my plan to put a little desk between the twin beds in my girls' shared rooms.  I'm putting together a round up of affordable, small-scale desks, but in the meantime, I found a ton of great inspiration to demonstrate a couple of ways to best pull off this look.

Balanced: symmetrical desk with a pair of lights, one to serve each bed.

Eclectic: desk and chair in mix-and-match styles.

Ballard Designs Idea House.  Source: google.com via Heather on Pinterest

Playful: vintage desks in charming scale.

Source: hgtv.com via Heather on Pinterest

I am mostly thinking of the balanced approach, but we'll see: depends on what vintage desks I happen to find.

Tomorrow, promise, best small-scale affordable desks.


  1. Man, do I love those yellow spindle beds. I will file away the desk betwixt the beds idea for my forthcoming shared girls room.

    1. They remind me of the more pared-down yellow four poster that Ikea used to carry. I never had space for it, but always wanted it. Wish it was still available!


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