Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Modern Country

There's more work that I haven't been sharing.

Remember this kitchen?

Here's the look for a new bathroom, eventually to be the kids bath.  The console sink is something they had (the vanity will be painted army green).  Gauged slate flooring, subway tile with dark grout, and metal and wood finishes for that industrial-meets-farm look.

And this was the materials board for the bedrooms:

Loads of texture: burlap, linen, cowhide, floursack, chunky sweater rugs, old lace, crochet plus aged metal with details like perforations, studs, and the chicken-wire on the lamp.  Just a touch of country sweetness in the patterns--gingham and floral--but in an edgier, more masculine pattern.

I have to say, sometimes I wish I had a lake cabin so I could do the modern country look!

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  1. Nice ingredients for the bathroom and bedroom, wonder when put all together how it looked... nice.


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