Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Living Room Refresh 3 ways, 2 more ways

I'm working on a quick project with a fun client to help pull their home together to love even as they consider selling.  In fact, this is their first house, and they have almost sold it several times in the past few years; as a result they have a hodge podge of first-house hand me downs and inexpensive furniture bought to stage it.  We rearranged some things, determined what to keep and where they could spend minimally for maximum impact--and made sure they loved the new pieces enough to take with them (Eventually), while keeping them inexpensive enough that if something didn't work in the new house, it wouldn't be a major loss.

The main goal was to work with the block print upholstered chair, the couch, leather ottoman, candelstick lamps, and the existing red pieces.  I made suggestions for a pair of slipper chairs, new rug, textiles, and art or mirrors.  Three different looks:

We also contemplated swapping the corner chair (which we borrowed from the basement) for a leather investment piece, which allowed us to go crazy with color, as the client was inclined to do.

Sometimes I really love quick little projects!


  1. You are so good at coming up with a range of good options. I adore the first one - the pillow mix and mirror are perfect!

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