Monday, February 2, 2015

Design Plan: Dining Room

I've been working with a local photographer to plan and decorate her new home.  She has a great eye and she and her husband want a mix of more transitional pieces with some trendy ones.  She's also not afraid of options, and I had lots of fun putting together some possible furniture plans for her dining room.

The color palette comes naturally from existing elements around the house, she wanted something brass, and we know for sure that this piece will go on one wall, opposite the kitchen.

The table and chairs are in front of a sliding glass door to the deck, so I wanted to keep the side chairs short but the head chairs tall to bridge the height of the sideboard.

Here are some of the options I presented:

This last one departs a bit from the red, blue, and tan palette to include mint, another favorite:

What would you choose?

Happy Monday!

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