Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to Work

Happy New Year!

After a truly delightful 2 weeks off, including a week in sunny Florida, I am getting back in the design game.  I feel like I have lots to share with you!

First up, the final FINAL design for an open living/dining space in a gorgeous townhouse in Jersey City.  You can see some of the initial design boards here, as well as a peek at the chandelier and entryway here.

Once we settled on the major pieces, we came back in to add the next layer, mostly addressing the walls and auxiliary furniture.  I am loving the final look and can't wait to see it all complete!

And here is the floor plan:

There is an original marble fireplace splitting the space.  In reality, the grey chairs sit in front of the fireplace, and the dining table is centered on that awesome leather buffet.  The bar stools are at the island in the kitchen just next door.

My clients will do a stack of bright blue picture ledges with leaning artwork in Black and white--a mix of prints, originals, and family photos.  I did a little mock up using prints from Minted, 20x200, and Dwell Studio.

I love that the mirror over the mantel and the eclectic mix of modern and unique pieces gives it a sort of Paris Apartment feel.

It's coming together!


  1. Happy New Year Heather! Excited to see more of this and your other projects this year. Can you share what program you use for your floor plans???

    1. Hi Kim, Happy New Year! I use Icovia for floor plans. It was actually a recommendation from Danika Herrick a couple of years ago. It's like $19/month for a professional subscription, based on line, and super easy to use. I've been really happy with it!


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