Friday, December 12, 2014

The Tree!

As much as I don't love milestone birthdays (oh, the pressure!)  I DO love special gifts that mark a milestone.  I spotted this C. Jere tree at Retro wanderlust some time ago, and what a surprise to walk, bleary eyed, into my kitchen on my birthday morning and to see it in the dining room topped with a mylar bow!  My husband had been hiding it in the garage, and apparently my older daughter, accidentally in on it, has been giving him knowing and meaningful looks every time I talk about my birthday, or anything remotely related.

There are a couple of spots where this tree could ultimately land, but for now I love it right where it is: visible when I walk in the front door, when I am standing at the kitchen island, and every time I come down the stairs.

I love that this will be part of my girls home memories: remember that golden tree with the birds nest and three tiny eggs?  Eleri is already promising to polish the brass leaves.  All of this is just further proof that decorating can be magic.

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