Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A pretty living room

Hi friends!  It's spring break for my girls this week, and we slipped off to visit grandparents for a couple of days.  I'm mostly taking the week off, but wanted to pop in a few times to share some goings-on.

I shared a pretty, simple dining room the other day.  It shares space with the living room, open-plan style.  We started, some time ago, with floor plans, and after playing around with the layouts with their existing furniture, we decided on this:

The goal was to create two distinct spaces while keeping a reasonable traffic flow.  We also wanted to create a more intimate conversation area, and managed this handily with a pair of facing apartment sofas.

They entertain with a big group a couple of times a year, so we ordered a table with extra leaves.  Both the wing chairs and the stools in the living room can be pulled over to the dining room to take seating from 6 to 10.

Here's the living room first draft:

(the chairs will be a tweedy blue)

And here it is all together:

My client did not want a lot of pattern, and wanted to keep things simple, restful, but pretty, so this is all about those repeating curvy shapes.

So pretty!  Can't wait to see it come together.


  1. Looks great - love the gold chandelier. Kind of a modern twist on a classic shape!

  2. This is too informative. i like your post. thanks for share


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