Thursday, April 3, 2014

8 ways with headboards

A headboard is all about giving a bed--generally the largest piece in the bedroom--presence.  While headboards can be had at all price points nowadays, sometimes you just want to do something a little...different.  How about giving one of these guys a try?

8 ways with headboards:

1. Lean a trio of panels (wallpapered?) behind the bed
Four Magazine

2. Hang a rug

Windsor Smith Designer Show House

3. Try a straw mat on for size

Architectural Digest

4. An upholstered screen will do

Eddie Ross

5. Or a set of carved tiles

Pottery Barn

6.  Shutters work

7.  Upholster the Wall

David Netto in House Beautiful

8.  Finally, skip the headboard and go straight for the canopy.

San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos via Remodelista

I will admit, I am a headboard devotee, but I find these possibilities pretty appealing....


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