Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bamboo Bonanza

You know how you find something only when you stop looking?  (Like my daughter's ballet slippers, which turned up this morning behind her bed after she danced in tights at class last night?)

I've been keeping an eye out for a bigger dresser for my girls.  Their clothes are literally bigger and bigger, and their drawers are getting tight.  For reference, this is the room (basically) as it is now:

And this is the dresser.

For months, there was nothing out there that I liked.  all of a sudden, bam!  A bonanza of vintage bamboo options.

Oh, what's a mom to do?

Kind of pricey at $425, but Thomasville, so solid.

Comes with a nightstand for $200

Also includes a nightstand, $100  (This might be my favorite, though it does not add much storage)

Or, for another direction, this one from Drexel:


OR, if I wanted to stick with the campaign look but continue to feel too lazy to paint the one I have, there is this set.

This is what the girls room looks like right now, but, you know, it might be changing.

Do you have a favorite?  Has Craig been kind to you lately?

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