Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Bedding

Elle Decor

For some reason, this year more than ever I have stripped back my house a bit to welcome summer.  We pulled up rugs in the girls' room and kitchen,  switched to white pillows in the guest room, and lightened up the throw pillows in the living room, not to mention my $7.99 makeover in the master bedroom.

All of that used what I had or required very little money.

As the heat rises, it became clear we need to make one functional change: summer bedding in the girls' room.    We have duvets on their twin beds, with plain white covers.  Too often, they complain of being too hot and unable to fall asleep, taking off PJs and pushing covers back, only to wake up in the night, too cold.

Better Homes and Gardens

So I went looking for lightweight summer quilts or matelasse, in white.  I was surprised to find that everything was over my budget (but then, my budget was "as close to zero dollars as possible.")  the good news is, there are tons of options, and lots of sales.

My favorites:

Diamante matelasse, $94.99 for twin (or similar at Overstock for $74.99)

Diamante Matelasse Coverlet - White

A modern update on the above, with concentric diamond pattern, $59.99 for twin set

A modern Geometric from Trina Turk, $99.99 for twin coverlet

Trina Turk Santorini Coverlet, 100% Cotton - White

stone-washed starburst, $99 for twin coverlet

My personal favorite, the pick-stitch quilt (I LOVE anything pick-stitched.)  $119 for twin coverlet.

Pick-Stitch Quilt & Sham

If you like a traditional floral motif in your summer weight quilts, try these:

Matelasse, $89 for twin coverelt

A geometric floral on sale for $59

Matelasse Coventry White Quilt Set, 100% Cotton

With scalloped edges, sale price $79.99 less 15% (through July 4)

And finally, a super Budget friendly option, just $30 for a twin!

Do you switch out bedding in the summer?  Do you like to go just white?  I'll show you what I picked and how I layered it later in the week.


  1. They all look gorgeous. I love the look of a white coverlet and I think all of the choices are stunning. Hugs, marty

  2. I like the scallop edges of the bedding, very cute!


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