Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Birthday Wish List 2015

'Tis the season of wanting.  We made the girls' Christmas lists last night, and it was kind of weird to watch my nine year old try to come up with things to put on it.  (The seven year old had no such trouble.)  The thing is, we are so lucky.  We have what we need, and frankly, lots of what we want, too.

I do think these lists become an interesting record of where we're at, year over year (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014).  It's kind of fun to look back on my own birthday wish lists over the years, and to see what I've chipped away at (wallpaper, a dining room rug) and what I have not (a leather totebag has been on my list every year!)

This year is even more pie in the sky than usual.  Frankly, I don't need anything but a pedicure.  Oh, and a new car.  But certainly not the land rover I'm showing here.

Clockwise from top:

I fell in love with artist Shelly Mosman's portraits when I met her at Art-a-Whirl last year.  I thought of buying a large print from the Animal Child series, but my husband suggested commissioning portraits of our kids.  I have been saving my pennies (aka my rewards on my business credit card) and am close to going for it.  The snag?  My girls don't want to participate.  For my real present, my husband's working on them.  We aren't "family portrait" people, and these high contrast and moody portraits against wild backdrops feel much more "us."

Dining chairs.  I said I wouldn't sell our vintage eames shells, but my husband kind of wants to.  The problem?  Everything I love is a zillion bucks.  right now I'm thinking Louis square back chairs in white with brown or black leather.

Brightly colored cashmere lined leather gloves.  Discontinued colors are a steal, here.  Pretty sure I'm a 6 1/2.

A new car.  I currently drive my husband's grandmother's 1998 Buick Century.  I don't really care about cars and I'm so grateful for the hand me down, but it has seen better days, and I have a feeling it's not projecting quite the right image to my clients.  The problem?  When it comes to buying a car, I only like a few.  And they'r not the cheap ones.  (Audi wagon, Passat wagon, Land Rover, and older Honda Pilots--I like my cars boxy.)

An all purpose tote!  This one from Zara is looking good, at a good price.

A simple, modern necklace.  Also a perennial on my list.  This one is super reasonable right now.

A new entryway set up.  Ever since I let this desk go to the girls, my entry has been getting me down.  I am in LOVE with this modern geometric inlay console from Crate and Barrel, but man, its a splurge.  I dressed it with a round mirror, gorgeous lamp, and big baskets for winter gear.  I also threw a horn bowl in there to cach keys etc.  I don't know why, but I have always wanted one.  This one looks good, or this oblong one.

Design books.  Always.  A few that are catching my interest right no are Commune, Eddie Ross Modern Mix, and Heart and Home: Rooms that tell stories.

Well, now I can go back to my regular life, and go back to feeling satisfied with all that I am lucky to have!


  1. First time reader, and you had me at your car! Thanks for the chuckle, you are preaching to the choir. I'm so overdue for a new one, but yeah, the sticker shock is insane. There's something grand about a person who can afford to drive a new car, but is instead getting the most out of 100k+ miles.
    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


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