Thursday, November 19, 2015

Replacement Value

We've been selling a bunch of things on Craigslist, as the basement has become a disaster and we desperately need to reclaim it.  I thought we would hold a garage sale to move everything out, but I wasn't up for another major project before the weather turned.

One of the first things we bought for this house was a set of 9 original herman miller fiberglass side chairs that I happened upon, yes, on Craigslist.  You can read the whole story here.  We use 8 of the  chairs, and I finally put the ninth up for sale.  Guess what?  Someone made me an offer on the whole set.  A decent offer that means a profit.

I don't think I ever showed you the photos of the dining room from the shoot more than a year ago now.  It might be my favorite room.

photos by Melissa Oholendt

Of course, it's always nice to think about making a little money on a lucky purchase, and my husband is tempted.  Before I got the number on the offer, I considered what it would have to be for me to part with them, and I realized two things.  First, I may not be willing to let them go, period.  (Isn't this the kind of thing that winds up in your kid's first house some day?  Clio in particular has said we can sell them all--except "hers.")  And second, I'm pretty sure I couldn't replace them with anything I would like half as much, with the money being offered.

These chairs were part of what solidified the vision for this house, and bringing in that painting and the moroccan jute rug really brought it home for me. The blue connects to something in pretty much every room (like my favorite WALLPAPER peeking out of the bathroom in that last shot!)  and I'm having a hard time imagining any chairs that would work as well.

It also seems clear that this kind of design classic will always hold value.  If I don't sell them today, it's likely I will be able to sell them on any number of tomorrows.

What about you--are there pieces you would never part with?  Any that took you by surprise?

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  1. Yes...there are a few items I would not part with for sure. Hope you didn't sell:)


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