Thursday, October 29, 2015

ORC Week 4: Textiles, textiles, textiles!

We're still talking makeovers for my two girls' rooms as a linking participant to the One Room Challenge, and I only have 2 weeks left.

My favorite part of a project is always the textiles.  Rugs, fabrics, trims--I love it all!

Let's start with rugs.  Why?  Because they weren't even supposed to be on the list, but sometimes things take a turn.

In Clio's room, things were just feeling too intense with the green walls and orange rug.  The palette got too broad with the pink on the chaise and all the yellow.  So I gave her options for some neutrals:

In Eleri's room, I was planning to reuse a jute rug and layer it with a sheepskin (currently in our master closet).  Not because I thought this would be the best way to go, but because I thought it would work, and it was using what I already had.  As things come together, though, it becomes clear that there's a problem:  all the color and pattern was on the bed side of the room, and the rug is a major element in what you see from the hallway.  So we had the opposite problem from down the hall in Clio's room: it was just too boring.  So I gave her some options of colorful rugs.

Neither of the girls chose my favorite, but the trick with working with kids (and sometimes clients!) is to make sure you can live with all the options.

For Clio, I wanted the last one, the sort of flamestich herringbone, but she chose the first, I think because it looked coziest.

For Eleri, I wanted the rug on the left because, duh, colorful moroccan rugs are my jam.  She was VERY definite about the chevron, though, so that's the plan.  Here's a sneak peek:

 (little by little on the dresser--the top is not done here!)

And the headboards.

I ran into a little trouble with my reupholstery.
For various reasons I decided to upholster the headboards directly over the existing fabrics.

(Okay, 2 reasons: 1) Lazy.  2) Still waiting to hear about a potential photo shoot with a big magazine, and I wanted to be able to put the room back the way it was, if need be.)

Guess what?  You could see the old pattern through the white parts in the new fabrics.  I was so upset I didn't even take a picture.

SOOOOO...I had to pull out all the staples from the new fabric, then pull out all the fabrics from the old fabric, THEN cover the very original fabric with muslin, THEN go over the muslin with the new fabric.  That's a lot of staples.

Pain. In. The. Butt.

But it's done.

Dressing the chairs.

Ages ago, my sister-in-law found a photo with half-slipcovers on the backs of windsor chairs, and we thought about dressing up her old set in this way.  We never did it, but I always loved the idea.

I also wanted to give the desk chairs soft cushions for little tushies.

I fell in love with this fabric for Clio.

Pindler Solea in teal

For Eleri, I thought I was going to use a pillowcase that I originally got for her bed (purple, second from top):

Well...I changed my mind, but haven't chosen a final yet.

Pillows, bedding, Etc!

All Clio needed from there was throw pillows--which I found with absolute ease at Target.  I also dug up some neutral printed pillowcases that didn't get used on a past project (also Target!).  Love the combo with her old quilt!

As for Eleri, well....I have been playing around with her bedding A. LOT.

More on that next week.  Plus art, lighting, and.....panic.

Did you see the 20 posts yesterday from the official ORC designers?  How about all the linking participants today?  so much to look at!

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