Thursday, June 25, 2015

I love a pretty bed

If you follow me on instagram, you have seen lots of beds in my feed lately.  There's really not much I love more than putting together a good bedding mix!

Two different looks for a new client: same elements, but one is pretty soft and the other crisp.

She has a cherry sleigh bed and matching nightstands, light carpet, and tall ceilings.  We chose a grey-green for the walls.

Look 1: soft

Here the soft palette comes from that awesome suzani long lumbar pillow.  I love green and purple together (was my favorite wardrobe combo in 6th grade), and these very soft greyed out colors are lovely and unexpected.  The raised medallion pattern on the euro shams and duvet add interest while keeping it neutral.

Look 2: crisp

Of course, your wall color does not need to reappear anywhere else.  Here we let it be the backdrop for a white, coral, and blue scheme with a pretty, fresh floral on the drapes and some lighter wood mixed in.

It's making me want to redo my bedroom...again!

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