Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Decision Time

The Happy Hallway needs polish, wouldn't you say?

It's go time.  Do I:

A.  Go for colorful frames, a la Steven Gambrel's now-famous hallway:

or B: Create the effect of a giant bulletin board, hanging grasscloth and trimming it out with ribbon and nailhead, kind of like this

meets this


I have to order the grasscloth today, if I go that route.  I was playing around with a sample I had on hand for someone else, with some vintage trim, just to get the idea.

As for the frames, well, after a search turned up colorful frames only at too-high prices, and quantity will be a problem most places, I realized I would need to pick them up from Ikea and spraypaint them.  There are only 130 or so, so not that big of a deal to paint, load, and hang, right?  (And my husband may not be thrilled about the 130 holes in the wall.....)

Thoughts?  Votes?

One more decision question, coming up next!

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