Monday, March 10, 2014

Puzzle Pieces

Do you do puzzles?

If you do, you know the feeling that inspired all those expressions about the pieces falling into place.  With more and more done, you pick up the pace as you spot the right piece more quickly.

So, too, in decorating (or really, any large-scale creative venture with a million little pieces.)  The more that has been determined, the less there is to be determined about what remains.

Friends, I am feeling that momentum in my house, and damn, does it feel good.


  1. Yes I have experienced this feeling myself and it's so excited when solutions you never planned for present themselves. Looking forward to photos!

    1. I've been on a bit of a decorators high as I stumble on good deals and something clicks and the vision emerges I just have to do the work/ hire stuff out. But still: exciting!!


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