Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New to Me: Waiting on Martha

Here it is mid-March, and I am just getting to my second post in one of my promised new categories on this here blog.  (Well, third: I didn't call it such, but the sunburst post is really, categorically, an "It Always Works.")

New to me: where I share a source that is--you guess it--new to me, with the idea that it might be new to you, too.

Waiting on Martha is an e-commerce shop (with brick and mortar opening in Atlanta this year) and social media platform run by a woman who started out selling beaded jewelry on etsy.  There are lots of online "curated" boutiques these days, but what struck me about Martha is that there are tons of items that I haven't seen everywhere, and plenty that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Items are in a range of current styles, and while the stock includes objects from the somewhat predictable Dwell Studio and Jonathan Adler, most of the vendors seem to be smaller.  The result?  Everything feels special.

There is also a great price range, from super reasonable all the way up to not-at-all-crazy.

Oh, and right now it appears there is a little spring fever sale, with 20% off everything.  Just use code SPRINGAHEAD at checkout.

You're welcome.

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