Tuesday, January 14, 2014


You know how sometimes people say that everyone should work in food service if they are to be allowed to eat in restaurants?  Well, something similar could be said about services like re-upholstery and furniture refinishing.  Until you have done it yourself, it can be difficult to appreciate the labor that goes into it, or price tag associated with the work.

Remember when I started refinishing a desk?  It is harder than it looks.  But progress has been made, folks, and there's something to that.

I stalled out when the temps dropped, and this project has been taking over the garage, filling up the rightful place of the CAR these last few months, until finally the polar vortex kindly delivered an exploded tire and my husband brought the desk inside when the weather was frightful -45 or so.  And now it is sitting in my kitchen where I can admire the progress but I can't access the tupperware.

Anyway, the before:

And the Progress shots:

Yup, there it is in my kitchen.

SO much prettier, right?

Now, the hard part: make a mess of sawdust in my basement, or wait until spring to finish it up.

The girls, of course, think it is just fine like this and are trying to convince me to put it back in their room.

Have you gotten in over your head on any projects as of late?

Do tell: misery loves company.


  1. The desk looks so good already - I'm sure the final product is going to be amazing. I'm not sure I would have seen the possibilities from the before - bravo. And please don't beat yourself up about one unfinished project. I have at least a dozen or two around my house.

  2. Thanks Kai! Truthfully, in terms of seeing "hidden potential," this is probably not a piece I would have purchased--it's all about the sentimental value. But that does not take away the satisfaction of (slow) transformation! It will get there....


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