Friday, December 7, 2018

Wish List 2018

Honestly, I feel a little silly doing this this year.  There's really not very much that I need or want that can be put on a list and bought.  This year I have been investing in my business and myself, so I'm sort of set (or getting there!)

But just for funsies:

For the office:
A white and gold watering can for my plant
A keurig in matte white
A set of coffee mugs (oopsies, already commissioned my friend Amy Deystone to make these for me!)
An authentic noguchi lantern model 75A for over the conference table

For the home:
Missoni stair runner!  (Finally doing this!)
Throw pillows to replace the ones my dog ate
Block printed cloth napkins (not pictured)

For me:
Pretty earrings
A nude lipstick
A pretty top (I haven't actually tried this one on, so who knows?)
Cashmere lined leather gloves, size small, preferably from TJ Maxx (great colors, way better prices)
More design books!  Always open, but this this and this are on my list right now

I should acknowledge that this list looks very similar year over year!


Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you!


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