Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Before and After: Clinton Avenue Sunroom

We're getting the hang of these shoot days around here!
Yesterday we photographed the home with the surprise bedroom makeover and the tween girl's bedroom, both of which you have seen here (but the photos were terrible!  Maybe I'll share the new ones, if that isn't too boring.)  We recently completed the sunroom/ home office, so these photos are brand new.  (though again instagram followers got some sneak peeks.)

Here's the before:

Basically a long narrow room with GORGEOUS windows and not much else happening!

And after:

We divided the room into two areas by floating the desk in the middle, behind a loveseat.  The loveseat faces a chair, which we kept in the corner (but created a better proportion--taller and narrower.)



We also closed up the door on the middle of the windowless wall--it went to the master bedroom but wasn't needed.


That's about where the door used to be.  More space for the fresh wallpaper!  I think adding the trellis paper and removing the window sheers so the mullions are visible were the major transformative elements in here.

Behind the desk we did a console and a pair of lamps, and brought in a prettier chair at the desk.

The pair of poufs tucks under this console when they aren't needed at the coffee table for games.

The best thing about this room?  Apart from closing up the wall and papering, we totally did it on a budget.  EVERYTHING is big box/retail and affordable, but honestly, I don't think you would ever guess!


  1. Girl you are killing it!! Would love to know where got that fab love seat!!

    1. Sissy, thanks! The loveseat is--wait for it--from MACY'S. Looks like they changed the name from when I sourced it, but should be the Scarlette. Comes in half a dozen colors. It's comfy, too!


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