Saturday, September 5, 2015

Unexpected obsession

When I was wrapping up a formal entry/foyer/stairway/landing earlier this summer, I suddenly had a vision of the little finishing touch that would bring the space to life: a pair of ball topiaries potted in terra cotta on the console table.  (No, not specific at all!)

Guess what?  No one sells live indoor topiaries in the summer.  They are a "holiday item."  Can you even?

I now know more than I ever would have thought about topiaries.  They are typically made with ivy or moss (for low light) or boxwood, rosemary, or olive for outdoors/ full sun.  And every major catalog with a traditional leaning carries fake ones, starting in the fall.

Here are some examples of topiaries in interiors.

And a round  up of some (fake) ones to be purchased.

(For sources, go here and click through.)

I'm holding out for the real deal--coming soon.

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