Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Heart Heart Art

For some time now, I have been obsessed with the graphic punch of very simple heart art.

I already have one version in my office gallery wall--the sweet valentine my older daughter made me at school when she was maybe 2 or 3.  (I love that it has the letters to spell "Hug me," but that it is all jumbled up.)

This art wall was the first thing I did when we moved into this house.  Four years later, I've barely changed a thing--updating some old collages of my daughter's to her Warhol-inspired soup cans, here.  See my original post about hanging this gallery wall, here.

Now what I am really craving is the super-simple heart.

Liz Caan, HGTV Magazine

I was thinking I needed a red heart like this more the girls' bathroom, but then, when the brown and white stripes went up in the laundry room, I REALLY wanted the bold simplicity of it in there.

Tomorrow I'll round up some options that are currently available!

Just for fun, some other excellent heart art.

So versatile.  Trendy?  A bit.  But really, what could be more classic than the symbol for love?

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