Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes You've Gotta Just Snap it Up!

I've been decorating.

You would know more about this if I could finish my decorating posts and get 'em posted already, but hey, if I had enough brain space to post about decorating, that might mean that the decorating frenzy had died down, and then where would I be?

There's this thing that happens when I move into a new space, particularly a bigger space, where I want so desperately to be in and settled that I spend every waking minute online or at furniture and antique stores until my head spins around and Dave wonders what happened to his wife. Okay, I made that part up: Dave knows perfectly well that this is his wife, he just wishes the head-spinning would stop. At the same time, I love the process and know that the best rooms sit for a while, grow over time, and reveal themselves slowly. So it goes: get 'er done fast, let it grow slow. Oh, the tension.

But sometimes these things magically come together. Take our deck. (I know: the deck? I'm decorating the deck? don't I have bigger fish to fry? Well, sure thing, but I want to be outside before the tundra descends, and while I'm out there I'd like some place to sit.) Years ago, I stumbled upon some African Hoop Chairs in the kids department of ABC Home, and i fell in love. I was smitten. I can't remember now if this was before I had kids, or if I simply couldn't afford them at $150 a chair, but no matter.

Aren't they the cutest?

I saw them show up later in the kids' room in the Domino spread of Mark Ruffalo's Hollywood home, which I would totally show you here if I had a scanner and if I knew whether or not it was legal to do so (I'm a rule-follower, what can I say?) Well all of a sudden, these things have had a little resurgence. At the Denver Biennial art exhibition this summer, I saw these awesome specimens in the outdoor lounge, and remembered that love at first sight.

After much ado, I found them for sale in every imaginable color, on a website that now eludes me, at the unaffordable price of $500 a pop. Then, what joy! there they were on page 22 of the June/July issue of Lonny, hailing from CB2 for a mere $150 each! Okay, still too much money, but no matter: when I followed the link, the item was sold out or discontinued. Probably both. My search went on, turning up similar rubber ones (at stores in LA that don't ship)

and cool metal versions online, like this one, but still out of the price range.

Well, lo and behold. Late one night I ran off to Pier 1 in search of a Chinese-red console table for the dining room and stumbled upon two "crazy chairs," as the name might indicate, not so sophisticated as the ones I had been lusting after but fun nonetheless, and on clearance for $39 each. Now, some might think that is STILL a hefty price for a chair that will sit outside your house, but at less than 1/10th the price of the ones I really wanted, and barely twice the price of those plastic adirondack chairs from Home Depot, I say, sold.

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